Homm II

Het lijkt erop dat Homm weg is om redenen die misschien niets te maken hebben met onze positie in Fortune (ik ben long dit fonds).
Geen reden dus om Fortune aan te lappen ondanks de sterke daling. Wel een reden om Martin Crum, die het fonds volgt, te vragen er nog eens goed naar te kijken.

Inmiddels hebben we de ontslagbrief van Homm en die kunt u hieronder lezen en uw conclusie trekken over de reden van zijn ontslag. Het lijkt sterk op een conflict met de bestuurders van het fonds.

"PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain, September 18

To: ACMH Shareholders and Investors

In the recent market, I have become concerned with the performance of certain of our funds. My dedication to ACMH’s investors is such that, I donated 5 million shares of ACMH, worth approximately EUR33 million to the funds last month. This move was consistent with other firms in the industry which have contributed their own capital in order to help investors ride out the instability in the markets. As a result of my actions, those funds have ended up positive or neutral for the month.

Also, I have forgone my bonus this year with the intention to share it with the many investment professionals at ACMH. My belief is that it is important for the ACMH to invest in its profit generators, not in non-producing management.

However, the Board of ACMH did not agree with my arguments that ACMH needs to pay adequate compensation to retain top-level fund managers nor did they follow my lead in sacrificing personal bonuses and compensation, or in contributing ACMH shares to the funds.

It is apparent that I share a different investment and management philosophy from the current and prior management of ACMH. Therefore, I have decided that it is time that I left the company I founded to focus on other pursuits. I am resigning effective Wednesday, 19th September 2007. I want investors and shareholders to know that I do not intend to start another fund or compete with ACMH. In fact, I remain the largest single shareholder in ACMH – with my ex-wife and children also holding substantial stakes – and I intend to continue to fight for shareholder value in ACMH and hope to contribute in that role in anyway I can

I want to thank all of you for your support over the years. I hope that my leaving ACMH will force management to realise that its most important assets are its highly skilled investment professionals. It is my hope that they will grant them the freedom to make their decisions and carry on my legacy of returning superior performance to investors and shareholders alike.

Yours sincerely, Florian Homm"Long Fortune Management

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