Xemplar: volgende week conference call

Dat kondigt XE aan in een net verschenen persbericht.
Een IR functionaris schrijft ook dat ze gaan beginnen met het publiceren van Gamma straal resultaten, waardoor resultaten sneller bekend worden. Eerder was dit niet deel van het programma.

Hieronder de tekst van het persbericht:

Xemplar Energy Corp. (TSX VENTURE:XE)(FRANKFURT:E7R)(NAMIBIA:XEM) is pleased to announce that with the results from the positive airborne radiometric survey (reported October 15, 2007) and recent drilling results (reported February 4, 2008), the Company has achieved the completion of phases 1 and 2 of its planned work programs as set out in the Company’s 43-101F1 Technical Report filed on http://www.sedar.com, dated May 4, 2006 by Roscoe Postle Associates Inc.

These results show the existence of 14 large uraniferous granite (alaskitic) bodies. These bodies cover a surface area of approximately 30 square kilometres. Surface sampling has shown (reported May 7, 2007) the bodies to be mineralised. An initial drilling program (reported February 4, 2008) has shown that at least two of these bodies extend to depth, in some cases in excess of 200 metres. The analysis of the drill samples from these holes has shown (reported February 4, 2008) that wide widths are mineralised. This sampling has also shown that portions of the bodies are not mineralised or have low grades, which is not unusual for these alaskitic occurrences. It must be stressed that this recent drilling program is only the beginning of a major drilling campaign to systematically test all of the bodies discovered to date. In this respect, these recent drill results are viewed by the company as being very encouraging.

Encouraged by the foregoing results, the Company has commenced a Phase 3 exploration program which will be comprised of a 40,000 metre definition drilling program over the Company’s 14 uraniferous (alaskitic) bodies. This will involve the deployment of some 6 drilling rigs, the radiometric logging of all holes drilled, the sampling and chemical analysis of all cores and drill chips. Results in the form of equivalent uranium grades (eU3O8) from the radiometric logging program will be released as they become available, these equivalent uranium results will be contingent on the final chemical assay results. This work is directed at defining a possible resource/reserve estimate and a possible future feasibility study.

Contingent upon favorable results from Phase 3, the Company would then consider a Phase 4 program leading to a more targeted drilling programme with which to develop a resource.

Long XE

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